Financial services organizations have always had to deal with security risks, but in today’s cyber threat environment, a strong application security posture has become a critical success factor. According to the 2016 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 82% of the breaches in the financial services sector were due to web application attacks. NTT | Application Security’s Web Application Security Statistics Report found that financial services websites have a high window of exposure, meaning that 41% the websites scanned were always vulnerable, 365 days of the year. Something has to be done, as there is a lot at stake. Financial services, along with healthcare, are two of the most heavily regulated industries and are being watched closely by regulators. Regulators can impose penalties and fines when there are failures to comply with regulations such as GLBA, Basel II, SOX, PCI DSS compliance and others.

With NTT Application Security solutions, the financial services industry can construct a comprehensive application security program that thwarts cybercriminals and keeps applications safe. We combine technology and human intelligence to deliver solutions that accelerate the deployment of secure applications. The security experts at the Service Delivery, an integral part of the Sentinel product family, act as an extension of your security team. Learn more about today’s cyber threat landscape and comprehensive application security solutions for the financial services industry.

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PCI DSS Compliance

Improve Security

NTT Application Security is a trusted application security provider for financial services, with customers that include 4 of the top 5 credit card companies.

identifying application security risks in retails

Continuous Assessment

We provide an easy to deploy cloud-based platform and can concurrently scan an unlimited number of sites without slowing you down.

PCI Compliance

Achieve Regulatory Compliance

Exceeding the strictest industry standards as established by the PCI Security Standard Council, NTT Application Security provides ongoing, verified vulnerability assessments for both internal and public websites.

identifying application security risks in retails

Understand Your Risk

NTT Application Security’s risk-based approach to application security provides visibility into the risk and security of your application.

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