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Recent events have accelerated our digital transformation. Applications run the globally connected economy, and security teams are overwhelmed as they struggle to keep them secure. Sophisticated and relentless hackers are constantly exploiting new opportunities to disrupt, threaten critical data and do damage.

Disparate application security testing tools provide insight into different pieces of the application security picture. They lack a comprehensive view of their most critical vulnerabilities, so teams often don’t know where and how they need to take action.

NTT Application Security’s scalable platform is backed by 20 years of experience, trillions of lines of code scanned, and millions of vulnerabilities found.

Sign up today for your personalized demo of the Application Security Platform and gain a deep understanding of your web application vulnerabilities, how to prioritize them, and what to do about them.

NTT Application Security has a full suite of application security services provided by the Application Security Platform.

Learn more about how the Security Platform can protect your applications across the whole software development lifecycle and provides complete web application security at a scale and accuracy unmatched in the industry. Our platform will verify all vulnerabilities, delivering near-zero false positives so that you can focus on the real vulnerabilities that matter most.

It’s a powerful tool for finding vulnerabilities, with a low level of false positive results. It is fast, reliable, and produces verified vulnerability results.

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