Industry-Leading Mobile Application Security Testing (MAST)

Secure your Mobile Apps with on-demand Mobile Application Security Testing

Sentinel cutting-edge mobile application security testing combines dynamic and static automated scanning as well as manual mobile application-layer penetration testing to provide complete Mobile App coverage across the entire DevOps lifecycle.

DevOps Integration

Integrates seamlessly with agile processes and tools including IDEs, ALM tools and Bug tracking systems.

Mobile Application Pen Tests

Hands-on mobile application penetration testing, including data flow analysis and dynamic testing between the client and server.

Integrates with Popular CI/CD Systems

Testing matches the speed of delivery for new features in the mobile app.

Access to a Team for Security Experts

Ask questions regarding vulnerabilities and obtain remediation guidance, right from the Sentinel platform.

Reduce the Risk of Costly Data Breaches

Addresses compliance requirements, reduce risk, and produce safer mobile apps to stay secure from potential attacks.

Fast Results for Production

Analyzes developer-signed binaries and mobile-optimized websites, OWASP Top 10 Mobile vulnerabilities and more.

Metric-Based Risk Reduction

Track the number of flaws found and remediated, ensuring policy compliance and an accurate knowledge of mobile risk and severity.

High Accuracy Vulnerability Scans

NTT Application Security Service Delivery experts configure scans
that significantly improves accuracy of the results.

Mobile Application Security Testing - Role-based reports adn Dashboards

Role-Based Reports and Dashboards

Reporting is tailored to fit the roles and needs of DevOps, IT Security, and Executives.

Supported Vulnerability Coverage

Mobile Application Security Testing OWASP Top 10

  • M1 – Improper Platform Usage
  • M2 – Insecure Data Storage
  • M3 – Insecure Communication
  • M4 – Insecure Authentication
  • M5 – Insufficient Cryptography
  • M6 – Insecure Authorization
  • M7 – Client Code Quality
  • M8 – Code Tampering
  • M9 – Reverse Engineering
  • M10 – Extraneous Functionality

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